About Us

José Sampayo, BA, PI

Chief Logistics Officer

Mr. Sampayo supports Executive operations guided by over 28 years of Government and Industry Corporate Security management.

Evolution Research Group, LLC

Dr. Domingo Figueroa, DBA

Chief Financial Officer

​Dr. Figueroa provides sound financial guidance and accurate market analysis backed by 28 years of local managerial and entrepreneurial experience.

Our Mission and vision

Today, the sufferers of a disease or condition can be more than Patients. They can be the heroes that help bridge the gap to better and more effective treatment alternatives. Clinical Trials offer the unique opportunity to directly contribute towards better clinical understandings, and a better future for millions of Patients worldwide.


Our mission is to improve the education and participation of Hispanic Patients and Physicians in Clinical Trials, all while collaborating on the development of pharmaceutical products, biomedical instruments, and clinical procedures.


We seek to be the premier Clinical Trials support service provider in Puerto Rico and the United States of America with emphasis on the recruitment of Hispanic Patients and Physicians for Clinical Trials participation.

Current Clinical Trial Opportunities in Puerto Rico

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In Situ Global Clinical Trials Network, LLC


Founded in March 3rd 2016,

In Situ Global Clinical Trials Network, LLC is centered on strengthening the presence of Hispanic Patients and Physicians in Clinical Trials by providing comprehensive administrative, regulatory, and logistics support to a closed network of

United States of America Board-Certified Specialist and

Sub-Specialist Physicians in Puerto Rico.

We concentrate our efforts on the empowerment of Patients and Physicians in matters related to the structure, development, and importance of Clinical Trials for their Communities.

At In Situ Global Clinical Trials Network, LLC, we provide collaboration, logistics, and efficiency.

Our Current Sites

Executive core

Our affiliation

​Effective May 1st, 2017,

In Situ Global Clinical Trials Network, LLC became an affiliate network of

Evolution Research Group, LLC, an elite clinical trials network with twenty (20) years of experience and nineteen (19) sites throughout the United States of America and Puerto Rico.

Wanda Ramón-Milián, BSPh, RPh

Chief Regulatory Officer

Mrs. Ramón-Milián oversees internal regulatory compliance through more than 30 years of local Pharmaceutical and Medical Science Liaison experience.

Nylsa Acosta, BASW

Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Acosta contributes over 30 years of outstanding Executive Government experience and more than 10 years of successful leadership in community-based ​organizations.


Dr. Oscar

Colón-Acosta, MD

Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Colón-Acosta has collaborated on National and International Clinical Trials and Research projects since 2004.